Adults with Physical or Mental Disabilities or Learning Difficulties

Enriching the Lives of Vulnerable Adults

We offer these adults all the services available to our elderly clients, plus the specialist services their specific difficulties require.

Our individual approach gives adults of all ages the type of care that they wish. Young adults may like more help managing their social lives. Older adults may need more practical help.

Providing such a personal service, in a client’s own home, it is vital that the client has confidence in the carer. We take it that one step further. We know our carers very well, and we take time to get to know our clients very well. We take care to match carer and client, so that they can develop a rapport and, maybe share the same interests. This could result in shared social events and trips which enrich the life of a disabled person. With trust, genuine friendships develop.

Care Assistants are carefully vetted and undergo all necessary background checks.

"Abbey Care Services – with you at home."

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